our burgers make the grade

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Hamburger High® welcomes all customers to come and try our exciting, high school themed restaurant near the corner of 38th and Main Street in Anderson, Indiana. At Hamburger High® our goal is not only for you to receive some of the best food you'll ever eat, but for you to receive top-notch customer service, a quality product and a great quantity of product.

We use certified angus beef in our burgers to provide a quality, sit-down restaurant type sandwich experience.

We are all for simplicity in pricing. All of the prices on our menu already include sales tax, so what you see is what you get.  We have priced everything so you pay only in square bucks. If we charge you $7 then you pay $7 and not a cent more.

In addition to our traditional burger joint offerings we have a "Teachers Pet" menu that features lighter foods like our tasty and satisfying turkey burgers, Boca burgers and salads.

If you are feeling particularly hungry or you want a meal that will challenge the heftiest of appetities then try to take on the "Big School Bully"!  The Big School Bully is a full two pounds "mean" beef and you could be the school hero if you PUT HIM DOWN!

On our desserts menu we offer hand dipped delicious shakes, soft serve ice cream, and we offer fresh made waffle cones. We also have cupcakes, and three-layer cakes in 5 flavors that are made fresh daily in our shop.

So come on down to Hamburger High® where our burgers make the grade!